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Human X
© 2018 Daniel Hodge

© 2018 Daniel Hodge

by Daniel Hodge

This is a bizarre moment in the human experience. 

For what reasons haven't we bred out the ingroup behavioral tendency? Is it still evolutionarily advantageous? Is it compatible with our globalized society? Is all the virtue signaling necessary? Is not the greatest information war yet experienced (though largely unnoticed) by humanity on the greatest scale of all time being waged right now? Is this the ebb and flow of Yugas? Is this the simulacra or the simulation? Is this chaos theory expressing itself as an information free for all considering the subjectivity of human experience, the indefinite future, and the impending death of our selves and our deep concern with the meaning of existence? 

Are we to choose sides at all or sit back and watch as us apes do our ape thang? 

No. The herd is too comfortably ignorant and lulled into the hypnotic dream state of the modern consumer to ask these questions. They'd rather bitch at each other, march, tear shit down, blow shit up, take artificially constructed sides, and eventually destroy one another for good. And for what? 

The inability to communicate, seek understanding, seek peace, seek growth, seek life. The blinding cognitive dissonance of a desire to be right, and on the right side of history for that matter. When we're too narcissistic to be able to understand that we're humans, each with hopes, fears, and dreams. That our lives, beliefs, experiences, thoughts, and opinions could all be drastically different if we had been born at any other time, to any other family (or not), in any other place. 

And the fact that there are very, very bad people in this world who understand these intricate yet basic facets of humankind and wield them in malicious and self-serving ways; often to make money and/or satisfy their sick perversions and sate their god complexes. Looking at you, Soros. Koch bros.

These are the slave masters who move entire populations to devastation. These are the merchants of death that send men and women to fight and die over intangible squabbles between this special class of untouchables. You know, the ones your politicians serve. And here we thought it was the constituents. Smh. 

And yet we fight our neighbors, employ senseless and nonproductive name calling, blame one another, and lose touch with our humanity. Meaningless spectres are conjured and pounced on by the starving masses. Makes you wonder if it's all intentional. 

This is not thriving. Come back to reality.

Ye gets it. Now we wait on the people.