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We recommend having your headphones at the ready. 

Teknovation Article

Micah and I have been on an internet hiatus for the past while, refreshing our minds and working on more fulfilling things than getting lost in the sauce of bit-sized info.

That aside here's an excellent article about our operation written by a champion of East Tennessee's entrepreneurial and business scene, Mr. Tom Ballard.

Check it out!

Literary Absorption Vol.01

The first of its kind. The original of its species. The first post containing a list of some fantastic fodder for the hungry mind. 

We of MB do not advocate mindless consumerism in any shape, form, or fashion. Consumerism and the hyperconsumerist society in which we live is a toxic and destructive environment.

We of MB do, however, advocate the intellectual consumption of value-intensive books. The following is a brief first list of books to add to your reading list -- or maybe we can jam because we've both read them which is cool too. 

We believe in people. We believe in sharing experiences and collaboratively creating the society and future that we'd like to inhabit across an array of mediums; nothing is off limits.

Reading is an invaluable vehicle for experiencing life in the shoes of another, learning from those who have gone before, and being exposed to ideas outside of the small worlds we occupy.

What follows is a list of some of the better books I've consumed over the past few months. They're in no particular order, but if I had to recommend one to begin:  Antifragile

Check out McKay's, they have a few of these in stock I know. Or, if you'd like, we'll even loan one to you if we have one available via Kindle or hardcopy. 

Dive in.

Ready Player One: A Novel
By Ernest Cline
Midweek RoundUp Vol.01

Each of these tracks is more like an essay than a song; a fragment of a larger art contribution in the form of an album. I recommend listening to each of the artists beyond just wholesome tidbits. Enjoy.

A trifecta for the Wednesday after work commute.

Axolotl (Music Video) - The Veils


Quite the forceful entry in the form of the most recent album from The Veils

It's delicious. Have it for all meals of the day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc. or if you’re like me and only eat between 12p-8p (Intermittent Fasting) then eat it about twice a day in mindful, filling sessions. And drink plenty of water.

Purchase the vinyl Total Depravity (2016) album, soak up its rays, and pay close attention to its disposition. 

The track and accompanying video combination is quite the heavy sociocultural commentary I might add. A dissection is recommended.