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Oswalds Mill Audio

Guest Post by Carti Venandi

Many entrepreneurs love curating items of enticement, from fine art and property in exotic places, to quality equipment and merchandise. No matter the possession nor appeal among this broad spectrum one thing remains true for all items: it enhances the human experience in one way or another.

Now, if you’re a music and high end audio lover looking to augment your personal audio experience, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life looking to impress guests, look no further than OMA.

Oswalds Mill Audio provides high-quality audio listening instruments made from sustainably sourced materials, with an unparalleled design philosophy and execution that will most definitely elevate your soundscape. From their website:

our products are made by hand in Pennsylvania, using locally sourced, sustainable hardwoods, slate, cast bronze, iron and aluminum. We are the only company in the world making solid wood loudspeakers using the same joinery craftsmanship as the finest furniture, and we are the only company that has ever used conical horn speakers for home audio.
— Oswald Mill Audio (OMA)

Boasting the same source of wood as Martin Guitars, steel infrastructures, and aerospace grade hardware; quality provisions like these easily catch the attention of any avid audio listener and/or creator. 

Check out some of their amazing offerings on their site and check out the video and article about them on Bloomberg.

A lot can be gleaned from quality designs out there including inspiration for your own projects. Creating speakers isn't an inaccessible and certainly not impossible task. If you have an idea, let us know and we'll help you see it through.