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Doomed - A Perfect Circle

Guest Post by JCC

APC has come back to life after a 13-year hiatus. Their new single, The Doomed, was made available to the world yesterday, and it’s reminding music lovers everywhere why Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel are at the tip of the spear in the legacy of Alternative Rock

From the get-go, The Doomed paints an aural picture that illustrates 13 years of pent up passion and aggression. The single begins with a standard 4/4 time signature, with the bass guitar in concert with the toms and snare, accenting each other in measured consistency. It's an invitation to march unto the apocalypse. Once the vocals rise into the foreground, we hear Maynard come in with an unobstructed and throaty sermon. 

He sings: “behold the new Christ, behold the same old horde." In this deconstruction and inversion of biblical scripture, Maynard bares witness to the false flag of religiosity, as it compares to and drives the political process. In two lines of lyrical poetry, APC is back in the game with something relevant to say.

APC wasted no time in enlightening us to their intent here. Maynard feverishly pursues this critique of the modern era. He knife-hands the entire rotted religious-political complex in the very opening lines of The Doomed.

Altering flashes of honey and salt ensue. The honey—beautifully ethereal portions of contemplative offers of wonderment for innocence, wrapped in Howerdel’s EBow and the soft chimes of electronic bells. The salt—blistering 4/4 snare rolls that inspire a marching contortion, and a reverberated bassline that matches the anthemic intensity. 

The Doomed has a purpose. It’s not to announce to the world that APC is back. Rather, it is a vehicle for MJK to express his disapproval for how the world is in its current state. He does this without showing allegiance to any political or religious affiliation.

It’s a straightforward dressing down of everything that does not resonate with the sacred geometry by which he’s guided. 

Welcome back, APC.