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Sound Recording Revolution Around the Corner

Guest Post by Carti Venandi

Zylia, a young company from Poznan, Poland established in 2012, has been dedicated to one thing since starting up: developing “revolutionary tools and technologies for recording and post-processing of music, 3Daudio, and VR (Virtual Reality).

It appears they're accomplishing this mission with the emergence of their newest product, the Zylia ZM-1 microphone (or “microphones” if you’d rather considering it has a total of 19 omnidirectional condenser capsules in this one piece of equipment).

Not only that, they offer high quality 48 kHz/24 bit recording and their proprietary Zylia DAW software is included. Now, you may be wondering what sets this product apart. What's so revolutionary here? Why in the hell do we need 19 microphones in one?!

No need to hold you’re breath because I'm about to break it down to brass tacks.

Track Separation Software, BOOM. Now despite sounding not so exciting, this is some groundbreaking stuff. The ZM-1 lets you record multiple instruments simultaneously, then separating each individual instrument from the full mix, keeping the acoustics and quality intact for each track. Some could say it's the biggest revolution in music recording since multi-track recording technology came to light in the 1950s.

The ZM-1 and its accessories are still in the production process but they're promoting and funding through Indiegogo - offering you a chance to contribute or, even better:  pre-order the ZM-1 at an attractive price. Check it out.