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Generic Millennial Ad - And/Or

And/Or has masterfully created a parody ad based on a stock footage collection from the vast collection over at Dissolve.

What we receive on the other side is an incredible dissection of the wrongness happening in the space of "thought leaders" and content creators who pander to stereotypes bubbling up from the pits of influence marketing. 

From their site:  "We made this so we will never make something like this."

And/Or is a content creator we can get behind. Talented designers and thinkers, they're constituted of three rockstar women who produce a special flavor of brand that is at once neoteric and refreshingly socially conscious. Here's how they describe what they do:

And/Or is a creative studio fueled by deep thoughts, bold vision and choice words. We make clever things that play on screens of all sizes.
— And/Or, Brooklyn, NY