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We recommend having your headphones at the ready. 

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Midweek RoundUp Vol.01

Each of these tracks is more like an essay than a song; a fragment of a larger art contribution in the form of an album. I recommend listening to each of the artists beyond just wholesome tidbits. Enjoy.

A trifecta for the Wednesday after work commute.

EM International - Lord Apex

Lord Apex's Interplanetary Funk LP is one of the best sounds springing forth from London, UK, that we've heard yet. 

We of MB believe place is expressed most authentically by the art and music emerging from the microcosm. The life that can be observed, heard, and felt through these mediums is what constitutes the spirit of a place, or genius loci

We also believe in supporting great sounds and socially conscious artists from around the global. More than that, though, we're interested in cultivating the sounds, ideas, and creations emerging from our home in Knoxville, TN. 

Drop us a line and let's jam.

Dog Frog
"From the mouth of the forlorn traveler." 

This one weaves and winds and shuffles. It's a different breed of industrial sound meant to enhance the experience of the lyrical concepts, which are esoteric and studious, in combination with progressive experiential soundscapes. 

After a period of growth and the pursuit of greater and greater self-awareness, we arrive at a resolution in the form of inner-headspace ablution and exploration. The ideas are rooted for contemplation, the seeds are sown. 

As always, we recommend you listen with headphones to ensure maximum subjective experience. Our very own, Adam Austin, everybody.

// A Magnolia Blooms holistic contribution to the pursuit of the real, a better future for all humans, and the embrace of subconscious expression as a vehicle for the raw creative act.