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We recommend having your headphones at the ready. 

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Ramona - OwlSpec

I've known this upstanding individual for many years through little league baseball and the formative years of high school.

Each of us followed our distinct paths in the meantime to pursue self-development and self-actualization. And like all great friendships, a few months ago we reconnected and picked up like no time had elapsed since we last spoke. 

Now operating under the aegis of OwlSpec, Eric York is a man on a mission. He's an inspiration to MB and myself and he's a strong piece of the foundation that is Knoxville's music creation and production scene.

He's a true collaborative player and a man carving out his space in the realm of audio engineering and the crafting of music in the Southeast and elsewhere. Matter of fact, he introduced me to another ambitious Knoxville entrepreneur whose sound you can already find below, Carti Venandi

So, let me introduce you to a sliver of the ambiance that OwlSpec is delivering daily. Check out his work and the work he's instrumental in creating / producing for other local artists around Knoxville, TN, and the Southeast.


As a very respectable person said recently, he's back and fresh out of the woods with a devil off his back and a flame on his tongue. 

It's encouraging to hear this type of sound coming out of Knoxville. It's clear that a great deal of mental energy went into the development of the poetry, not to mention the vortex of sound in which he delivers an emotional and spiritual experience.

If you aren't up on Trip-Hop, that's cool I guess.

But as a mode of expression, it's certainly one of the most effective and powerful. We of MB aren't chained by genres or criticisms. We instead choose to focus on the positives of life and experience; privileging the raw creative act.

We hope you open up your hearts and minds and feel this track as it is intended. Listen closely.

Dog Frog
"From the mouth of the forlorn traveler." 

This one weaves and winds and shuffles. It's a different breed of industrial sound meant to enhance the experience of the lyrical concepts, which are esoteric and studious, in combination with progressive experiential soundscapes. 

After a period of growth and the pursuit of greater and greater self-awareness, we arrive at a resolution in the form of inner-headspace ablution and exploration. The ideas are rooted for contemplation, the seeds are sown. 

As always, we recommend you listen with headphones to ensure maximum subjective experience. Our very own, Adam Austin, everybody.

// A Magnolia Blooms holistic contribution to the pursuit of the real, a better future for all humans, and the embrace of subconscious expression as a vehicle for the raw creative act.


On the Menu - Carti Venandi

This one rolls through you like you're sitting there in the scene, watching the fast-paced diner action take place in slow motion. You realize it's really you on the menu, there in DC.

The lingering bass seems to hang in the moment every few measures, suspending the ambient passage of time happening above in the foliage. This track is an environment, a soundscape. 

It yet lacks the poetry that's bound to swing through its trees when soon released. For now:  check out the talented and original sounds emanating from our hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Carti Venandi