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We recommend having your headphones at the ready. 

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Teknovation Article

Micah and I have been on an internet hiatus for the past while, refreshing our minds and working on more fulfilling things than getting lost in the sauce of bit-sized info.

That aside here's an excellent article about our operation written by a champion of East Tennessee's entrepreneurial and business scene, Mr. Tom Ballard.

Check it out!


As a very respectable person said recently, he's back and fresh out of the woods with a devil off his back and a flame on his tongue. 

It's encouraging to hear this type of sound coming out of Knoxville. It's clear that a great deal of mental energy went into the development of the poetry, not to mention the vortex of sound in which he delivers an emotional and spiritual experience.

If you aren't up on Trip-Hop, that's cool I guess.

But as a mode of expression, it's certainly one of the most effective and powerful. We of MB aren't chained by genres or criticisms. We instead choose to focus on the positives of life and experience; privileging the raw creative act.

We hope you open up your hearts and minds and feel this track as it is intended. Listen closely.

Play that Funky Music (Live)

On Thursday we had the privilege of playing at the 9th Annual Taste of Anderson County, a benefit for the United Way, hosted in Jackson Square in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

We jammed out a 12-track set list and had a blast doing so, hopefully to the pleasure of our audience - we loved hanging with you btw. 

Fortunately, Matt's dad had the great prescience to film a few slices of the action on his phone and we wish to share our jam through the interwebs for those who could not join this time around.