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The Jazz Hop Café #4

Walking through the city with a beautiful young lady, as for me. 

Imagine:  there's a concave, invisible sound spectrum behind us as we walk. A few words exchanged but mainly fingers pointing and gestures being made, facial expressions in flux, in time with the processing of the myriad phenomena. 

There's the natural rhythm that develops as you begin to vibe with another human; existing fluidly on a plane of no thinking, only presence. 

If there was a sound for the background emanating from this concavity, fully present and refined by its graceful relevance to the scene, then it's Jazz Hop Cafe's newest collection of sounds. Support these sounds. And support great facilitators like Jazz Hop Cafe (YouTube). 

Full, blissful, positive, conscious. The jazz piano is masterful, the beats well crafted, the lyrics erudite.