Magnolia Blooms - Knoxville, TN




In the heartland of East Tennessee, an idea was borne out of the Scruffy City. It's now an endeavor in full bloom in the form of the ambitions of a collective of young entrepreneurs who love their city. Magnolia Blooms is dedicated to transforming the economic and ideological landscape toward a better future for all residents, ideas, and the environment. 

A central tenet of our mission is to transform the workplace environment and untether employees from behind desks, thereby releasing the potential of enterprises as they embrace mobility in a changing economy and world.

We're excited to a be part of the culture and place of Knoxville, Tennessee, and we're aiming to forge connections with people throughout the region in an effort to emphasize the good that comes from collaboration. Part of the mission involves establishing a collaborative workspace along the Magnolia Avenue corridor.

For too long the East Knox corridor has been severed from its context. Formerly an artery of the downtown core, selective zoning and careless developments have deprived it of resources and the vibrant life that the Downtown and Old City are now beginning to enjoy. 

We aim to realize the potential of this corridor and of East Knoxville generally by serving as a beacon for the innovation, ideas, and ambitions of those who call this city home and others who would like to. We're accomplishing this goal by growing our business to the point that we can sustain our physical endeavor properly and thoughtfully. 

We hope you'll join.